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I Still Don’t Know What to Make of the Pandemic:

Most of us have an opinion one way or another. Some still believing that a lockdown is the only viable option, while others now strongly opposing it. Some have thought that strong lessons are to be learned from the pandemic, which could spark significant and hopefully positive change in the future. At this point, to admit you are not sure what to think is going to be slightly embarrassing, but surely I am not the only person who still doesn’t really know…

Christmas Catastrophe

rom the moment of writing this entry, it is about seven weeks until Christmas. Four of these will be during our second lockdown, our second time of being made to stay away from coronavirus. There is speculation that this “wave” may be worse than the first, potentially meaning there will be a need for a lockdown extension. Or yet another lockdown. Meaning Christmas may not be Christmas at all, as will either be unable to see family and friends, or we will be worried…

Ideal Inspiration Blogger Reward

Thankyou @artpsychoblog for nominating me for this reward. here I am going to be answering some questions asked by them, and will provide my own questions for my nominees πŸ™‚ Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award is a non-official Award to the bloggers as a reward of wonderful work on their blogs. It’s just as important becauseContinue reading “Ideal Inspiration Blogger Reward”

The Basic Issues of Fast Fashion

Introduction Hiya, well back at the end of February, I made myself a small commitment. In that I wasn’t going to buy anything from Primark during the whole of March; or actually any of these fast fashion outlets, why do we always target Primark eh? At the time this seemed like a pretty good target,Continue reading “The Basic Issues of Fast Fashion”

Little Update

Hi hope that you are all ok. Now as I am writing this at the beginning of the “summer holidays”, I decided it would be a good time to do another off my updatey posts, where I basically ramble on about my life and probably moan about a few things, and not do very muchContinue reading “Little Update”

Things we all should have learned from LOCKDOWN

Read about what I feel I have learned personally from the prolonged experience of being in lockdown, and the crisis wholly. Meanwhile I feel many others may have a similar kind of perspective.

Guide to spending summer in whatever kind of lockdown this is

Hi, so this post is aimed generally at anybody who may be in school, collage, or at Uni who has got their summer holiday coming up. Now although now we are able to meet, go to the shops and even go down the pubs, things are still going to be rather different. Sadly it isContinue reading “Guide to spending summer in whatever kind of lockdown this is”

Small things in life which we can appreciate at all times

Hi, so decided to put up a little list of small things in life that you can apprecriate at anytime. Now it is partly a coincidence that I happen to be writing this considering the time period that we are in. However knowing that this is somewhat-very difficult for anybody, regardless of your situation, IContinue reading “Small things in life which we can appreciate at all times”


Long gone are the days where the promenade along my local seafront was the place to take a nice, peaceful, gratifying stroll down by the beach, on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Contory it is increasingly turning into a battle ground, hosting the fight between bikers and pedestrians. As you can guess, the former always wins.Continue reading “AND LET THE BATTLE OF THE YEAR COMMENCE: Cyclists vs walkers…”

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