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Hiii, So here is where I upload anything cool that is based on the current news, or politics which will generally be based on my opinion, or open to multiple interpretations. Obviously at the moment, a broad majority of this will be focused on the Coronavirus, what else? However I will also try and add a bit of variety, is anything else crops up, which I am sure will be the case…

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Now some may think it is kind of strange for someone of my age to be so interested in political affairs and the news (though I can assure you I don’t actually know that much in the grand scheme of things, but I do want to expand my knowledge), but when you think about it, so much of what is and has been happening around us has been based on this… Whether that’s a good or bad thing… I think that many more young people do take a genuine interest now, compared to in the past, partly due to everything that’s going on, but also due to increased access to the news, even if that’s via Facebook, or Instagram… But it is so important that we continue to engage ourselves. I know not everyone will take such an interest to want to have an in depth understanding, which is completely normal, we all have different interests. Nevertheless it is important that we have enough understanding to make sound judgements and voice opinions based off accurate sources. We all have different opinions and that’s normal, yet they lose their value when based off unreliable sources. And if you are young- I am sure you have heard this time and time again, but you are the future generation. And unless we become more enlightened about our world compared to previous generations, which I feel we are definitely are, things aren’t going to improve for our future selves, plus future generations. So that is my message to you all, about why it is important to occasionally read/watch the news 🙂

So In the last few days, I had come up with a good range of cool ideas to write about.  Obviously all of them tied to the infamous Corona Virus one way or another.  All of the weird and wonderful ways people are responding still to this, how am managing to stay semi-productive and um…the shambolic UK government’s handling of all of this, now and prior to this…

But no…  What has drawn my attention, like I am sure has with many other people, is actually the Trump.  Once again proving to the semi-sane side of the world, that is is nothing but a fasict, arrogant biggot.  To say kindly. 

So what on earth has he done this time?

So first things first, to begin with Trump was almost declining that the Coronavirus even existed, saying that when it “gets a little warmer”, it could miraculously go away, hugely underestimating the immense, catastrophic effects that it could have had on the USA, which now have been proven.  Moreover, his dismissing attitude led to some of his supporters literally believing that this virus “doesn’t exist”, and even holding numerous protest shutdowns in dense crowds.  One being outside the Statehouse Atrium in Columbus. This attitude reduced the urgency for there to be a lockdown, and meant that official “lockdown guidelines” were later than what most countries followed with, being mid March.  Following on, these restrictions were far far looser than in most countries, as I am sure you are more than aware of the firmness of measures within most countries.  However in America, the published two page guidelines, titled “15 days to slow the spread” ADVISED people not to eat in restaurants, or drink in bars and to avoid gatherings of more than 10, called for schools in affected areas to be closed and that older people “should stay at home”.  Although the individual States have some control over these lockdown measures, and some States have come down much harder on the approach. 

Now quite rightly so, many people from America and elsewhere will have strongly pursued the view that he has done far too little too late.  Although the social distancing measures have now been extended until the 30th April, testing kits reduced during a continuing surge in deaths.

Furthermore Trump is now already looking to “reopen” America, claiming America has passed the Peak.  Nevertheless his analysis seems rather unconvincing.  “US CNN.com” states that he is looking to lift stay at home guidelines even before the 1st of May deadline, saying it is time to prove America as the “Comeback Kid”.  To me, this just emphasises Trump’s complement ideological stance towards capitalism, favouring the economy over people’s livelihoods and his continued underestimation of this Virus, to spread USA capitalist patrionism, even though it could and will cost lives.  However one could view this as a tactic to save the economy, and to reduce the effects this will inevitibly haave on workers who are currently out of work, and to save job opportunities for young people in the future.  Yet there, it is far too early to be looking at ways out considering the cost of lives, as well as the inevitible strain on their health service…

So if this is not enough, however, he has now taken the decision to stop the funding of the World Health Organisation (WHO).  This is not out of wanting to abolish the organisation, but rather replace the entire management team.  Who “seem to work in the interests of the Communist party of China, rather than the health interests of the Whole community” according to “Neweurope.eu”.  He believes that the organisation shouldn’t have supported the reopening of China’s boarders this soon, stating in a tweet that “The WHO really blew it” claiming “it is funded largely by the US, yet very china centric”.  He also stressed that he was glad that he took the decision to “reject their advice on keeping their boarders open to China early on”.  To many of us, this just continues to show his ant-internationalist stance on the world, whilst maybe partially being prejudice towards China due to their communist government, when we know he is all out there for the stark opposite.  Yet again, some of us may be able to scrape out scraps of legitimacy to his claims.  Many feel China is “covering up” for the virus, claiming that the spread has drastically declined, where maybe, realistically it hasn’t having been known to cover up for what is really going on in the past.  However by him reportingly referring to the Coronavirus as the “Chinese flu” , it is likely to spread further hatred and hostility towards the Chinise, especially amongst his supporters.  And although maybe back in January some of us may have referred to it as that as a joke before we realised how serious this really was, I strongly do feel that as a leader of one of the most influential Countries in the world, calling this any mock names is beyond appropriate.  And although China may have made some mistakes in order for the spread of the virus to have been so drastic, and most likely the spread rooted from there, realistically this could have surged from many countries.  We probably will never know how this began, however a pandemic is never an excuse to spread such hatred towards a country. 

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