July’s Monthly Moan: Stop Abusing Retail Workers

You may work/have worked in retail, or any other form of occupation which involves mixing with some rather unpleasant people at times. In this case, you will know what I am on about. Because seriously this kind of behavior needs to stop; as it is not cool, funny or clever.

What the Cluck?

Now I know that these are pictures of piglets rather than of chickens, but this isn’t really the point of thie post.

But the fact that there have been so many outbreaks of coronavirus within meat processing plants has got to be more than just a coincidence. While this in itself poses a huge danger to humans as well as other effects of factory farming. Not to mention to the animals…

Chat post: My Problem with the Current TikTok

I am sure that you can think of many benefits of the use of TikTok, but unfortunately there are a lot of current concerns with the use of this. Especially considering the young demographic of users.

Click on the pink picture to find out more about how TikTok is currently being used as a platform to almost promote mental illness including eating disorders, as well as the issues of grooming on there.

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