Why I am not stressing about A-level mocks

Maybe a slight exaggeration, but after thinking about this logically, I don’t think there is any reason why myself, or anyone else should be feeling too stressed out about these.

There are more important things in life!

Answering a few questions:

Here I have answered a few questions about myself, please read if interested 🙂

Happy pride Month!

Hun, Pride is NOT cancelled this year. Although we can’t really go out to celebrate it, it is more important than ever that we still acknowledge it and that we can celebrate it in out way!

Note: Hiya, so unfortunately I am currently struggling to get the links off my recent pages up onto here. I will try to get it sorted ASAP so please bear with me.



Hello and congrats. You have found yourself near the bottom of my home page!

Hiya, this is where I voice my views and experiences with various issues.

Always greatful for comments🙂

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